We are a 62 acre row crop farm on rolling hills with a stream that crosses from east to west, eventually flowing into Lake Michigan a mile away. The farms’ animals include traditional breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs and are marketed locally. Several times a year, we raise meat birds or broilers for family, friends and market. The fruit trees along the driveway and in the orchard provide mostly apples for jellies, jams, cider and a food supplement for the chickens during the fall, winter and spring. Wine grape vines planted several years ago, are immature and fruit production is anticipated in 2014. We have three horses that provide educational and responsibility opportunities for our grandchildren.

Vines planted:

55 Noiret

60 Marechal Foch

45 Merlot

45 Traminette

45 St Pepin

60 Edelweiss

45 Cabernet Franc

60 Cabernet Sauvignon

The vine varieties planted are considered cold climate friendly. Because we are located close to Lake Michigan, resistance to mold and mildew were an important consideration in our vine selection.

How did the name KNOT YET FARMS originate?

In 1973 we purchased a 23 foot Starcraft Cruiser boat. The boat was used for fishing and family recreation. In the Great Lakes area of Muskegon County, Michigan, naming a boat is an important endeavor. It took us a considerable amount of time to complete this task. Every time we were asked if we named the boat yet, the answer was the same: “not yet”. After a a few months of this we finally agreed that we had the boat name right in front of us; thus was born “The Knot Yet”.

Mission Statement

Knot Yet Farms purpose is to
satisfy the need for environmentally sustainable winery and tasting room accessories. Knot Yet Farms will also aid in the fulfillment of the
need for natural vineyard
associated signage.



Years later the boat was sold and in 1995 we purchased the property for our farm, home and vineyard.  When naming the farm it seemed only appropriate to carry on the tradition of “The Knot Yet”.  It is and will continue to be a work in progress and part of our family story.

Thanks for your interest in Knot Yet Farms.